European Blended Learning and HDR Photography

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January 2017
Still the outcomes of the project are appreciated by experts: The E-Book "HDR-Photography: A practical guide"
was recommended as one of the top 10 free E-Books for photography.
Thanks a lot! We are happy to inspire so many readers!

24. September 2016
Presentation of the E-Book "HDR-Photography: A practical Guide" on the
Professional Stage of the World Leading Fair for Imagery PHOTOKINA in Cologne, Germany

6. September 2016
Annamaria Castellan published an extensive and very interesting article about the VIR2COPE project and its
results in the well-known Journal "Il Ponte Rosso" in Trieste/Italy.

To see the whole article please click here:

14. July - 31. September 2016
HDR-FOTOGRAPHY: Exhibition in the Art-Café PALAVER in Germany, Karlsruhe

8th of June 2016

The National Agency in Lisbon/Portugal published informations about the exhibition of HDR-Photography
from the VIR2COPE-Project on their Facebook-Account!

The VIR2COPE Project 16h30 Inauguração A FPC | Museu das Comunicações, em parceria com a EPI (Escola Profissional de Imagem),
convida-o para a inauguração da exposição The VIR2COPE Project - European Blended Learning and HDR Photography,
no próximo dia 2 de junho, às 16h30. Esta exposição fotográfica assinala o encerramento do Projeto Europeu ERASMUS + e conta
com a participação de várias instituições e países. São aqui mostrados diferentes temas, desde a fotografia de moda, fotografia de paisagem,
fotografia de arquitetura, retrato, naturezas mortas, entre outros géneros de fotografias, todas elas utilizando a técnica HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Here is the direct link:

The portugese project partner ETIC uploaded informations about the VIR2COPE-HDR-Photography-Exhibition in Lisbon on their homepage.
Additionally a video about the opening is available on YOUTUBE. Please have a look:

The video is showing some of the speakers on the opening, some guests, some exhibited photographies and photographers...

Marina Ramos, Coord. of Photography in ETIC, informed the guests about
the project activities in cooperation with CRINABEL

José Pacifico, the pedagogical director from EPI, emphasized the importance of the VIR2COPE-project
for the institutions and persons involved

The leader of the institution CRINABEL Inês Carriço informed the guests about their experiences
during the cooperation with ETIC/EPI

Some of the disabled photographers from CRINABEL came also to the opening of the exhibition and enjoyed their photos very much

The Virtual Gallery of the Exhibition in Lisbon is showing all HDR-Photographies of the exhibition.
To see the Gallery, please click HERE

2nd of June 2016

The opening of the HDR-Exhibition in the Museum of Communication in Lisbon, Portugal, took place.
Representatives of all project partners were present and introduced briefly their institutions and their
activities within the VIR2COPE projects. The guests got also informations about the VIR2COPE project and
about the ERASMUS+ programme. Special thanks to Marina Ramos and Susana Jesus for the excellent preparation
of the exhibition, the project meeting and common activities of the teams.

Representatives of the project partners and many of the photographers came to Lisbon for the opening of the exhibition

The Museum of Communication in Lisbon, Portugal, will exhibit the HDR-Photographies
from the VIR2COPE Project from 2nd of June till 4th of July 2016.

Exhibition catalogue of the HDR-exhibition in Lisbon available!!

152 pages, hardcovcer. The catalogue contains all photographies exhibited in the exhibition.
Editor + Layout: Gabor Kohlrusz, University of Pannonia, Hungary
Cover: Maria Madalena Luiz , ETIC, Portugal
If you are interested to buy the catalogue, please contact us:, Telephone: 0049 7222 5950354

2nd of June till 4th of July 2016


February 2016

The exhibition catalogue from the HDR-Photography Exhibition in Trieste is available!
Editor & Layout: Annamaria Castellan, Massimiliano Muner
Acquamarina Associazione Culturale, Trieste, Italy
With contributions from the project teams from CZ, GER, HU, PT and UK.

179 pages, hardcover. The catalogue contains all photographies exhibited in the exhibition.
You are interested to buy a catalogue?
Please contact:
Tel. 0049 7222 59 50 354

14th of February 2016

The Italian Press informed about the HDR Exhibition and the VIR2COPE Project in the Bibliotheca Statale Stelio Crise in Trieste.

Ilfriuliveneziagiulia Italy

12th of February 2016

The opening of the HDR exhibition in Trieste in Italy took place. More than 60 different HDR photos were exhibited.
Special thanks to Annamaria Castellan for the diligent preparation of the exhibition,
the project meeting and the common activities of the project partners in Trieste.

The project partners and many of the photographers from all 6 countries involved in the project were present and enjoyed the opening.

A public conference took place were all project partners briefly introduced themselves.

The leader of the Bibliotheca Statale Stelio Crise in Trieste welcomed all the guests. She emphasized
the importance of international activities, where people from different nations and cultures can work together.

The guests got informations about the VIR2COPE project.

The project partners provided short presentations about their institutions and activities.
At the end of the conference the guests were invited to ask questions about HDR photography.

For all who are not able to come to Trieste to visit the HDR exhibition in the wonderful rooms of the Bibliotheca Statale
we prepared a virtual gallery, where all exhibited photos can be seen.

Please click HERE to enter the gallery...

Press Releases at 03rd of February 2016 in Italy informing about the HDR Exhibition in Trieste and about the VIR2COPE Project

To read the whole text please click here: Press Release "Il Friuli Venezia giulia, Italy

Another Online-press release can be found here:

03rd of February 2016
A comprehensive press release about the exhibition and conference in Trieste and
about the VIR2COPE project is published in the TRIESTE INTERNET MAGAZINE. Annamaria Castellan
informed the italian speaking people with a very interesting text.

Please click at the image to download the whole press release (PDF)

12th of February 2016
The first exhibition of HDR-Photography and a public conference about HDR-Photography will take place in Trieste, Italy.
More than 60 selected HDR-Photos from all project partners can be seen in the exhibition. The visitor will get an impessive notion
about what HDR-Photography can accomplish. The public conference will provide a good possibility for professionals and
amateurs as well to ask questions and to discuss issues concerning HDR-Photography. All teampartners will be there and
contribute with small presentations.

A printed Exhibition Catalogue containing all photographies of the HDR-exhibition in Trieste and additional informations
about HDR photography, the project partners and the VIR2COPE project can be purchased.
The catalogue will be presented on the opening of the exhbition.
Please contact us: or the project partner in your country (CZ, GER, HU, IT, PT, UK).
You'll find the contact adress with a click at the logos of the project partners on the start page.

28th of January 2016
The german VIR2COPE team visited the International Trading Fair LEARNTEC in Karlsruhe.
It is the leading fair for E-Learning. VIR2COPE - Flyers were distributed and many interesting
conversations with education providers, developers/companies for E-learning tools, providers for Virtual Classrooms and others took place.
Many of them are interested in the Outputs of the VIR2COPE project: An essay dealing about "Modern Pedagogy of
Realtime Online Trainings" and a Youtube Film showing sequences in webinars with interesting pedagogical approaches.
Both outputs will be available as OER (Open Educational Resources).

18th of December 2015
Annamaria Castellan from ACQUAMARINA/Trieste/Italy conducted an HDR-Project with students from Cortina d'Ampezzo. In an additional
webinar she presented her approach to introduce HDR-Photography, showed the results and explained how fast the young students
were able to learn the HDR-technique and how much they liked the creative potential of HDR-Photography. Annamaria Castellan will
continue to work on HDR-Photography with the students. 13 participants from 4 different countries participated in the webinar.

14th of December 2015
The final webinar of the official sequence of webinars in 2015 was conducted by the project partner from UK. Richard Jack from
CRYSTAL was the online-trainer. His topic "A critique of HDR-Photography" summarized many aspects of the HDR-Photography and provided
a lot of inspirative things for further discussion. All teams are looking forward to come to the exhibition in Trieste/Italy (opening on 12th of February 2016)
to enjoy further discussions about HDR photography!

24th of November 2015
While all the VIR2COPE-project partners are working out their photos and documents for the planned HDR-exhibition in Trieste starting on 12th of
February 2016, our cooperating ERASMUS+ - project "Numbers become Art" conducted its second webinar. The project
coordinator from Cortina d'Ampezzo/Italy, the Istituto Omnicomprensivo "Polo Valboite", LICEO ARTISICO, invited the italian journalist
Francesco Chiamulera. Within the topic "A feast for the eyes. Infotainment and New Media in the 1980s",
he presented an "Educational workshop on the theme of infographics, communication and advertising".

The participants of the webinar derived from 6 different countries: France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania and Spain.
The Online-Trainers were - beside the presenter Francesco Chiamulera - Mary Gino and Giuliana Corbatto from Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy.
Co-Trainer was Matthias Gessler, Germany. Altogether 60 persons took part in the international webinar.

09th of November 2015
Richard Jack from CRYSTAL Ltd., UK, was the online-trainer of the today's webinar, dealing about "HDR Photography - Past, Present and Future.
He discussed the Pros and Cons of HDR-Photography, stated that HDR is the "marmite" of photography: people like it or not. He also pointed out
that even in old paintings and in old photos you can find some characteristic features of the HDR Photography, of course, made with different techniques.
The participants enjoyed a lot of nice HDR-photos, e.g. from "The Coffin Works - Museum" in Birmingham.
20 persons from 6 different nations took part in this interesting session.

12th of October 2015
In the webinar from the german project partner EuFoA Matthias Gessler presented several topics interesting for HDRI: How to make
manual bracketing for HDR, HDR for Low Dynamic Range Sceneries, HDR and Stacking and HDR and Blended Light situation. 18 persons from six
different countries took part and enjoyed the interactive webinar.

09th/10th of October 2015
As an exhibitor on the trade fair "EINSTIEG" in Karlsruhe, the german project partner EuFoA distributed also Flyers of the VIR2COPE-project to the mostly young
visitors of the fair. Blended Learning is becoming even more important for those who left school and make the next step into their study
or vocational education. The young persons were interested and very open for transnational Blended Learning, webinars and an international exchange.

28th of September 2015
The today's webinar was conducted from the italian project partner ACQUAMARINA. Annamaria Castellan, the director of the association
presented their very interesting HDR-Project activities in Italy. 21 participants from 5 different countries enjoyed the transnational webinar.

21st of September 2015

Today the german team presented a webinar dealing with HDR-Photography and Sharpening and HDR-Photography for Scientific Documentation.
25 persons from 5 different countries took part.

29th of June 2015
Gabor Kohlrusz from the University of Pannonia, Hungary, conducted a webinar dealing with Image Processing of HDR-Photography
with Freeware. He explained also different data formats which can be used in the workflow for HDR-Photography. He provided a
lot of valuable informations and inspired to try Freeware for HDR-Photography.

08th of June 2015

Martin Pokorny from ALVIT/CZ introduced the Virtual Classroom to six teachers from a 50+ Project. The transnational
webinar took about 45 minutes. Different tools of the classroom were showed and the participants enjoyed the
the interactive session.

08th of June 2015

The hungarian team from the University of Pannonia presented a highly interesting and innovative
theme: The use of HDR-Photography and Marketing. 30 participants from 8 different countries (Czech
Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Portugal, UK and USA) took part. The hungarian team, experts
in marketing, graphic design and IT, worked together on the topic and discovered the great
potential of HDR-Photography for Marketing. Online-Trainer was Katalin Szeili, the head of marketing from the university.

May 2015

The teampartner from Lisabon, ETIC, was invited from the portugese National Agency to arrange an exhibition of
the HDR-Photos in the building of the agency, photographed by disabled persons. Meanwhile the exhibition took place.
On its homepage the National Agency from Portugal informs about the Vir2Cope Project with its main pillars,
the HDR-Photography and European Blended Learning. The involvement of disabled persons is one of the aims of this project.
Therefore the portugese project partner ETIC started to work on HDR-Photography with disabled persons from the lisabon institution
CRINABEL. The portugese National Agency appreciated the exemplary work by the exhibition of the photos in their building.
ETIC will continue to work with the disabled persons and HDR-photography.

04. May 2015

The teampartner from Czech Republic - ALVIT - presented an interesting webinar about HDR for Portrait and Fashion
Photography. 26 participants from 5 different countries were inspired by the explanations, examples and ideas of the online trainer.
Usually HDR-Photos are used for not moving objects. Nevertheless, with different approaches, it can be also used for persons.

24th of April 2015

The italian project partner started an HDR-project on 24th of April 2015. Seven experienced photographers will work together with Annamaria
Castellan from Acquamarina testing landscape, architecture, black and white and other type of photography with the HDR-technique.
The results will be presented to the other teams in the international webinar in September.

For further information about the interesting HDR-project in Trieste, please click HERE

One further HDR-project in Italy under the guidance of ACQUAMARINA started in Cortina d'Ampezzo together

with the local school of art. For more informations, please click HERE

April 2015

The teampartner from Portugal - ETIC - made their first exhibition of the HDR-Photos photographed by
the persons with mental disability. The exhibition took place in their school in Lisabon.

21. April 2015
Virtual Cooperation with the ERASMUS+ Project "Numbers become Art"

About 108 teachers and students from Germany, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania and Spain took part in the interesting webinar.
The Online-Trainers were Mary Gino and Giuliana Corbatto from the Istituto Omnicomprensivo "Polo Valboite", LICEO ARTISICO, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy.
> Co-Trainer: Matthias Gessler, Germany.
For more infomation about the Istituto Omnicomprensivo "Polo Valboite", please click HERE
For more informations about the "BE.ART - Project", please click HERE

30. March 2015

The teampartner from Portugal (ETIC - Escola de Tecnologias Inovacao e Criacao) conducted their second
transnational webinar dealing about their project with HDR-Photography and disabled persons. They impressivly
showed with videos, photos and a presentation how fruitful and interesting the work with disabled persons can be.
26 participants from six nations participated in the webinar.

The project from ETIC with disabled persons with photography and image processing was estimated as a very interesting and
efficient pedagogical and therapeutical approach. As an example of best practice the HDR-photos from the disabled persons were
exhibited in the building of the Ministry of Education in Lisbon, Portugal.
Please click HERE to watch the Online-Galery of this exhibition.

09.March 2015

The teampartner from Czech Republic ALVIT (ALVIT – Innovation and education Ltd.)
conducted a transnational webinar with the topic "HDR and PHOTOSHOP, HDR and PHOTOMATIX  + COMPARISON; HDR IN PRACTICE".
28 participants from seven nations participated in the webinar.

25. February 2015

The portugese teampartner ETIC (Escola de Tecnologias Inovacao e Criacao) conducted a transnational webinar
with the topic "HDR for people with special educational needs". About 25 participants from six nations took
part in this interesting webinar.

27. January 2015

The Presentation of the Vir2Cope - Project on the International Trading Fair for E-Learning
was a successful and interesting event. For more photos please click HERE

The International Trading Fair for E-Learning will take place from 27. January till 29. January 2015 in Karlsruhe, Germany.
The german teampartner will present the Vir2Cope-Project on this fair. Click here for more infos:

12.January 2015
The italian teampartner "ACQUAMARINA" conducted a realtime online seminar with the topic
"First Step in HDR Photography" by Annamaria Castellan & Luigi Tolotti
More than 24 participants from Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Portugal joined the very interesting meeting.

19. December 2015
Press Release about the Vir2Cope Project in Germany

15. December 2014
The project-team startet with the first transnational realtime online seminar.

Matthias Gessler from the VINC Learning UG was the online-trainer of the first webinar.
He discussed some HDR-Photos from different members of the team in order to explain how many facets the HDR-Photography can have.
Furthermore some tools of HDR-image-processing were introduced, practical procedures were shown step by step directly in the Internet.
The next transnational webinar will be conducted from the italian teampartner "Acquamarina Associazione Culturale" at of January 2014.

29. November 2014
Press release in the local press of Trieste/Italy: The italian project partner Acquamarina informed about the Vir2Cope Project.

From the interview by Serenella Dorigo to Annamaria Castellan, President of the Associazione Acquamarina, on the occasion of the Manifestation
'Trieste Photo Days (November/December 2014) – Trieste' November 29, 2014.
At the end of the interview on the exhibitions and activities developed on the occasion of the Manifestation 'Trieste Photo Days' Annamaria Castellan
spoke about the European Project in which the Associazione Acquamarina is a partner during the two years 2014-2016.
Q.: What about future projects?
A.: Tomorrow I'm leaving for Germany. Acquamarina is a partner in the European project 'HDR Photography and European Blended Learning' along with
other European public and private training organizations and two universities. We are seven countries altogether and besides Germany and Italy there are
Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Bulgary and the Czech Republic. The aim of the project is to research, study, confirm and produce photographs by using the
HDR digital technique (High Dynamic Range Imaging) through e-learning. The meeting in Germany at the Europaische Fotoakademie of Rastatt, coordinator
of the project, is also about an in-depth study on how to organize and conduct webinars.

To see the press release, please click HERE

28. November - 02. December 2014
Short-term staff training activity in Rastatt, Germany, in the European Photoacademy ArtWebDesign

Peer-to-peer exchange and learning about the following topics:
a) The camera settings for photo sequences for HDR photos
b) HDR Image processing with different software programmes
c) Exercise of realtime online Trainings (webinars), conduction of a short webinar from each participant
d) Detailled organisation of the Intellectual Outputs of the Project

Click on the photo to see more photos...


14./15. October 2014
Kick-Off Meeting in Veszprem, Hungary, in the University of Pannonia.

Ancient city of Veszprem

The team of the kick-off meeting